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Many Stories Here in Pampanga, Philippines

Long Bus Rides, A Friend Dies, Many Babies, and Waray-Waray!

Helo everyone! I do not write as much as I should alam ko (I know). So today I will give you little pictures from things that happened to me recently, OK?

* My kuya (older) bro Dik Dik and coz Dodong are going back to province today with my little bro. They all stayed with me for many weeks. But no work for big bro and coz and little bro must return to start school.

They will take bus for 20 hours from Manila, so I will take bus with them to Manila so they can find the right terminal.

mexicanoDodong is a funny guy, he has macho body build and my kano friend calls him Jorges because he thinks Dodong looks Mexicano. Ahm, maybe, hindi ko alam (I don't know). My kano friend is baliw (a little crazy) you know.

Dodong has Cebuano as first language and speaks that to another coz who is staying with me, and I never understand.

Many people think Tagalog is the only language with English in the Philippines. But no way, dude. I hear Kapampangan all the time and Cebuano and Ilonngo.  My first language is Waray-Waray, so there are many languages here and it is hard sometimes to understand.

* I had a very good friend die in December. He was only 28 years old. He lived in Makati and had a business and he was good chat friend. He had more gossip than a woman lol. He would send me money to help with food even tho we never met. I always asked him to come to Pampanga to meet me and talk with me, but he said he was too ugly haha.

One day Teddy stopped sending me email and YM and phone calls. I was worried. Then his sis sent me email and said thank-you for being good friend to Teddy. He had a bad heart and even went to US for surgery. But he was too sick. I am sorry for his sister and family, and I know God takes good care of Teddy now. He was a great friend and I wish more people act like Teddy.

* Many babies with my girl coz. One coz just had second baby she is 21 and another coz is having first baby she is 18. You know many kano come here and make girls preggy then they go home kawawa. But is not only kano. I think more pinoy do this than kano and I get so angry at some tamad (lazy) pinoy who get gf preggy then do not work. Yay, too much of that in the Philippines!

* Oh, let me talk about Waray-Waray. My kano friend says only 3 million people know it and I know it is hard to find writing in Waray-Waray. But I read a beautiful poem by Iluminado Lucente, and also I hope to meet the writer Victor Torres when I visit Tacloban for San Juan Fiesta. Maybe I will write in Waray-Waray some day too!

OK, now I have to work more too. I love my readers and you can send email to me at This is my agent friend who says my writing is good lol.

Ingat ka lagi (Take care always)!

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Inday Vinas grew up in Samar Province, Philippines. She left high school after three years to work and help her family, including seven brothers and sisters. She is now a writer and small businessperson.